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We are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Debats d’Educació by giving the educational community the opportunity to air its views

Creating schools that prepare for the future

What role should the classroom play in the learning process in the 21st century? How should schools be organized in order to create real learning contexts? How can steps be taken towards school leadership that is centred on learning? What are the conditions that will allow schools to learn and work as a community?

In a society such as ours, the generation of knowledge has become, in all probability, the most important form of work, productivity and competitiveness.
Strategically dominant activities increasingly take place in global interdependence. In this setting, the school has gained strategic value, but as it gradually leaves behind the parameters established by industrial society, it has lost the traditional role it played in preserving knowledge and the monopoly it held on transmitting this knowledge from generation to generation.
The organizational solutions characteristic of the traditional school often prove to be little suited to providing a response to such a changing and complex context as this one, in which the acceleration of innovative processes has immediately been countered by the generation of obsolete practices and ideas.
In this climate, schools, just like other sectors in our society, face the challenge of finding their position once again.
Schools must seek to become centres in which teachers and pupils can find the opportunity to reconstruct the meaning of educational activity and open this activity up through new ties with the educational community; in the networked society, now, more than ever, this community must be understood in its broadest possible sense.


The 3 things they have learned...

Richard Gerver Richard Gerver
A former award winning Headteacher (Great Britain) and...
  • 1Education must be a celebration of living life
  • 2We must nurture the power of real learning
  • 3Education must be fun!
Joan Domènech Joan Domènech
Head theacher of the Fructuós Gelabert School
  • 1Change takes place in the classroom. But what direction do we give to this change?
  • 2Exercise professionalism. Redefine it
  • 3Change the way education is administered
Pilar Ugidos Pilar Ugidos
Head teacher of the Miquel Bleach School
  • 1From a social perspective, we must begin by accepting that we are all responsible for education.
  • 2With respect to schools, we need to break with all the educational models of the past. We need to unlearn in order to learn again
  • 3In the classroom, listen and recognize that the true guide is not found at the front, but at the back, making sure that no one is left behind.
Xavier Aragay Xavier Aragay
Economist and director general of Fundació Jesuïtes...
  • 1Moving towards a profound change in Education is possible today
  • 2Today's school is stressed and the educational model on which i t is based is exhausted
  • 3We stand before a change of educational paradigm
Joan Badia Joan Badia
Teacher of language and literature at secondary level
  • 1The importance of each pupil as a person
  • 2The importance of the group
  • 3Preparing the pupils of today for the challenges of tomorrow
Núria Marin Núria Marin
Head teacher of the Mare de Déu de Montserrat School
  • 1Include successful educational practices in schools
  • 2Be a participative, inclusive and democratic school
  • 3Be a school that has a close relationship with its enviroment