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We are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Debats d’Educació by giving the educational community the opportunity to air its views

Pupils’ commitment to their learning process

How can individual responsibility be developed in the pupil’s learning process? What can schools do to attract and retain pupils? How can motivation and individual interests be linked with academic achievement? How can advantage be taken of out of school learning?


The 3 things they have learned...

Louise Stoll Louise Stoll
Professor of Education at the London University
  • 1Make the most of pupils’ curiosity and desire to make a difference
  • 2Foster independent learning
  • 3Make learning social
Jaume Cela Jaume Cela
Director of the Bellaterra school (Barcelona)
  • 1Being certain about what you believe they should learn
  • 2People learn more when we are in a group that wishes to learn
  • 3What must be learnt must make sense to oneself and the rest of the community
Anna Novella Anna Novella
Professor at the Faculty of Education of the...
  • 1Engagement has to be created through a relationship of trust and mutual recognition
  • 2Significant learning generates engagement, satisfaction and personal wellbeing
  • 3Boys and girls must be able to lead their own educational paths
Roser Batlle Roser Batlle
Educator and social entrepreneur
  • 1Girls and boys are already active citizens who are able to foster change in their environments
  • 2Service learning is an effective way to learn while serving the community
  • 3Social organisations must incorporate educational objectives
Jaume Funes Jaume Funes
Educator, psychologist and journalist
  • 1I’m happy. Today i know more
  • 2Sometimes saturdays are boring and mondays fun
  • 3I was able to explain the pythagorean theorem to a friend
Alba Crespo Alba Crespo
Journalism student at UPF and National Coordinator of...
  • 1Organisation is the answer: group problems are resolved together
  • 2The education we want is in our hands. We must not just be content with what they impose on us
  • 3Awareness for what happens: wanting to know in order to continue learning outside the classroom