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We are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Debats d’Educació by giving the educational community the opportunity to air its views

John Bosco Rutishisha
John Bosco Rutishisha
Police trainer in Rwanda at Gishari Police Training School. I studied by correspondence up to masters level in business administration (MBA). I also encourage my collegues to study no matter at what age. I am now interested to study conflict and crisis management.

The three things I’ve learned



When you get Education, you become a resourceful person, and many people will come to you to seek advice from what they think you can assist them in..


Once you attain a level of Education higher than what you had previously, you gain respect and recognition in the workplace, the family and in society at large. Then at this stage life becomes easier for you with the respect of the society.


With increased education to a higher level, you acquire more competence and therefore build more confidence in the workplace, before your leaders and subordinates, friends and relatives. They feel previleged to have you as part of them. You will counsel them and guide them to a better life because you are considered to be knowledgeable.
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