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Irma Silvia Torres Lopez
Irma Silvia Torres Lopez
Mexican Teacher

I  had always wanted to work in Kindergarten, and now I have my opportunity at my friends´s school in  the town where I live. I have been working there for 5 years Today I am working as an English teacher from maternal to Third grade of Elementary. I am aware of the responsibility it is because is not just teaching English , but “Life”.

Les tres coses que he après


The most experimented teachers must work at kindergarten.

I think children at kindergarten develop their best skills. We know as teachers that kindergarten is the most important and beautiful time in their lives so they need experimented people who are convinced that honesty and love are the power of vocation hardly seen in the late generation of teachers. VOCATION= enjoy.


Children go to school TO BE HAPPY and TO MAKE OTHERS HAPPY.

What are we going to teach at kindergarten? : “THE LIFE” To make them aware they need the others as the others needs them. To be respectful. To make them to express their feelings in an oral form, so they can feel free.


“RULES” must not exist. “AGREEMENT” it`s better. Rules are in negative Agreement in positive.

As human beings the word “NO” is the first thing we learn. In  such a way that when I ask my children :What  can you do in the class? They say: “I can´t shout, I can´t run, I can’t fight. And I ask again: What can you do? In positive.  And I have to make them to think ,and then  they say:  I can learn, I can read, I can dance, I can sing, etc. It´s very difficult to answer  in positive. So I decided to create a new way of “rules”: “agreements”. I explain, they make pictures and sign them, I put them on the wall, and  the pictures remain there through the year. Sometimes parents sign  them too. Everyday I remind them about agreements, above all, when they have problems (everyday).

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